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Escaping Paralysis: Documentary

Featured Journey: Jack R

Our Mission

Recovery from paralysis typically takes months to years of treatment, yet most individuals receive only weeks of care. The mission of the Paralysis Recovery Foundation is to financially assist individuals experiencing paralysis to access after-hospital neurological rehabilitation in order to optimize their neurological recovery and functional ability.

HOPE is an essential factor for those who have been paralyzed 

and are working to restore their lives. The Paralysis Recovery Foundation provides support to non-profit clinics around the country which offer continued, affordable, skilled therapy to individuals suffering from paralysis to ensure that this hope is never lost.


Chris Leeuw 

- Founder, NeuroHope

In order to provide a continuum of care for patients, it's necessary to operate outside the boundaries of insurance reimbursement. Fundraising and community partnerships help make this possible.


Dr. Dale Hull 

- Founder, Neuroworx

Financial resources from the Paralysis Recovery Foundation will definitely  make  a difference in the lives of those facing paralysis and, in turn, their families and communities.


Mickey Shah 

- Director of Operations, NextSteps

Many individuals lack sufficient funds to participate in long-term recovery programs. Your support will allow patients to continue to see improvements in function and overall well-being.


Join Us

Help the Paralysis Recovery Foundation restore the lives of those in need

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