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- Docuseries -


In the summer of 2003, after a diving accident, Rob was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury which left him almost completely paralyzed from the chest down. He was told there was a 95% chance that he would never walk again...

Episode 1 - The Accident

Rob was invited to go out on a boat by his friends. It was a nice evening cruise. The night was clear, and the water was calm. Music is playing… they’re having a good time. Then, Rob took a dive in the water.

Episode 2 - The Injury

Rob's family receives a call very early in the morning and are told that he was in a terrible accident and they need to come to the hospital immediately.

Episode 3 - The Recovery

Medical professionals tell the story of Rob arriving at at the Shirley Ryan AbiltyLab, the #1 rehabilitation hospital in the country.

Episode 4 - The Recovery Pt. 2

After hope comes at a roll of the dice, Rob takes part in a clinical trial with the first robotic exoskeleton in the United States at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab.

More episodes coming soon...

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